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03/18/2019, 21:02:42

Joyce Thanks.

I edited my OP to include this article about A Speo which I think is worth consideration.

I have read the links, and did find them before. Thanks. It's a shame that some of the old photo links are too old in the BC.N Forum Vaults, but there is certainly a wealth of information in this Forum that I find wonderful and useful on many levels.

As I've said before, I know for the "O.B's" (Original Bead Forumites) that the often endless repetition must make you weary, even frustrated. However, take heed. For those of us that need guidance, help, information, we really do appreciate it very much.

I have learned a little about a lot over the years and look forward to now having the time in my semi-retirement to do more research, create more, and dig a little deeper.

One of the problems in learning is unlearning all the misinformation you learned to begin with. Beads are full of Myths. half-truths, mis-attributions, and exaggerations that have become part of the Culture, and repeated. We are very fortunate to live in a time period where scientific analysis, and dedicated analytical minds can pull from many sources and provide more accurate information. I have to stop calling my Dogon beads Dutch, lol...well, maybe a few are. Oh yeah, and the blue-grey beads, even though they have a layer of glass-not sure if you'd call that "submerged", so probably can't call these gooseberry's either.

Thanks, Anne

Bead lover, collector since Age 15, semi-retired had wholesale/retail bead, folk art, tribal art store Lost and Found Gallery for 25 yrs. in DT Greensboro, NC

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