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03/14/2019, 03:17:50

Hi, Absolutely no expert here but I have a few impressions.

However I have a few questions first, if you don't mind indulging me.

1.) Size in mm Length, width variations, and openings please. What is the scale of the paper it is on- I can see it is a graph paper? But I would like more exact measurements please.
How "thick" is it?

2.) Weight in Grams to the nearest tenths please.

4.) What is your impression of it- as in ceramic, faience, bone, glass, metal, fossil material, amber? etc.

5.) What does it smell like? Does it smell burned? Does it smell like Oil as in heating oil/kerosene? Does it smell like play dough, or like metal, or????

6.) As it appears "delaminated" for lack of a better word, is the wear just in the central portion? When you look at the transitional areas from the middle delaminated portion to the more smooth areas towards the ends- how would you describe, and/ or can you photograph in Macro? The way it transitions

7.) What does it look like inside?

8.) Is it magnetic?

9.) If you have a geiger counter is it reactive?

That's it...Thanks, Anne

Hunch: Fossil

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