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03/13/2019, 12:01:30

Here are two photos I took at the African Village at Tucson, three weeks ago.

The first shows "new muraqad" beads that copy old specimens. They have considerably less fidelity than the beads they imitate, compared to the lovely beads you show. But they are made one-by-one..., and, over time, the output might become more proficient, in terms of care and detail.

The second photo, also from an African inventory, shows new/recent beads from Java, that also intend to "copy" muraqad beads from Mauritania. These are admittedly torchworked, and so are grossly inauthentic. Nevertheless, that issue aside, many beads are remarkably small and detailed, and are thus impressive. I have specimens of this output dating back to the 1990s, and more recently.

Of course, if you meant one-off beads that are more-or-less unique, then Joyce's comments about the work of many contemporary beadmakers is very apt. The international interest in making great glass beads persists.


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