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03/04/2019, 08:21:12

It looks like I posted a really confusing inquiry - sorry!

The beads in the original photo that I have questions about are in the bottom row of beads. The top row was added to show how most Venetian beads with this color glass and twisted cane decoration have the decoration smoothly melted into the surface.

The beads I have questions about are show in these two new photos. Note that the twisted cane is left standing out from the surface. Also the beads have no white or yellow core. I have other Venetian beads of this color with no core. However I don't have any with twisted cane decoration that sticks out from the surface like this, which makes me wonder if these beads are recent reproductions. I don't know enough about how the surface of old cranberry glass should look to decide on the basis of the appearance of the surface.

Thanks everyone for your comments on these beads!

RFCranberryMar19a.jpg (76.6 KB)  RFCranberryMar19b.jpg (54.0 KB)  

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