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02/28/2019, 15:25:49

A chain of square knots around drag lines yields a flat sennet. It's somewhat counter-productive to use this between beads, because it's flat. Chains (of knots) that produce a circular aspect are much more successful—because the cording is the same from any angle.

A chain of flat square knots is accomplished by alternating left-over and right-over passes. These two passes together make one square knot (around a drag line—which is the basis of macramé). In a corded section, these steps are repeated. Square knots are also desirable because they stay in place well—and are thus "good knots."

On the other hand, if, using the same set-up, you proceed to tie left-over passes (and do not alternate with right-over passes), you create what is called a "granny." This chain of passes (that are not "knots," because they are not stable and sound) will give you the appearance of a spiraled chain of cords.

THIS is what we see in the necklaces Chris has shown. So, NOT "square knots."


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