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02/25/2019, 23:05:08

I composed the following two messages to the seller:

This is a recent bead from India, not more than 20 years old, and probably newer. It is also NOT a trade beadóbecause it is too new.

Whomever told you this was an old bead lied to you. It's value would be a few dollars.

I am the leading authority on glass beads, and particularly chevron beads. If you have any doubts, Google my name. Jamey D. Allen


If you want to understand chevron beadsóand ANY beadsóbetter, refer to the Forum at beadcollector.netówhere I post under the name Beadman. You will see that your Etsy offering has been posted there. (NOT by me.) For the purpose of exposing your limited knowledge (in the opinion of that person). But a treasure-trove of good information can be found at the Forum, and many helpful people.

You can also find me at FaceBookówhere I help people understand beads daily. I'm sorry you were ripped-off for the Indian chevron bead you are trying to sell. This is a very common rouse here and at eBay.

Sincerely, Jamey D. Allen

Unfortunately, apparently, the seller thinks I posted the original message, and is now very unhappy with me. I will not say what she wrote to me in reply. It just makes her look bad. My reply to her final message sets the record straight, assures her that my only goal was to help and inform heróand that my intent is entirely sincere.


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