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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
02/15/2019, 11:42:54

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the input. It's hard to tell but the outer layer seems to be the same as the dark blue seen in regular 7L's, but somewhat more transparent. The main mystery (to me anyway) is the color in 3 of the layers that appears to be a dirty translucent grey - these are the layers that normally are clearly white in other 7Ls. And this color is not the same as the translucent green found in other 7Ls.

The layers, from the center, appear to be:
dark blue / translucent grey /dark blue / translucent grey / brick red / translucent grey / dark blue

Since my green 7L was stolen last year, is it "bead karma" that I now have an even more rare chevron?

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