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01/19/2019, 15:45:48

We've been going to Tucson for 30 years. We sold our beads at two shows for a number of years. The Pueblo Inn for 20 years. Now The Riverpark but that name has changed again. A must see show for all the great dealers there. The Whole Bead Show. The Best Bead Show.

Of course we bought many a vintage glass bead from Ben Eagle. Was it $70/kilo? Ben's been discovered by the known world. His paintings from the 60's are now at Princeton and in the homes of rich folks. Chipita's still doing trade shows. Ben gave up Tucson a couple years ago for a number of reasons. Stone Mountain Colorado is his company. He writes an interesting blog on E-Blast. Easy to locate on google.

Another one not to miss is The African Village and BWANACON/Steve Cohn. The African Village moved to a new location last year. Much better spot, Congress and the I10 frontage road.

There's something like 90 shows happening in Tucson in late January and February. I LOVE this forum. The liveliest one on the WWB. For sure.

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