Re: Old Bakelite / Faturan for $50 per gram!
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01/19/2019, 10:45:13

No surprise here. As someone who is selling beads, I find that both ebay and estay are full of fraudulent adds.
I search through hundreds of sites on both sites to assure that my beads are priced very fairly.
I see titles like "Ancient mosaic venetian bead. Most bad actors are in Thailand. So many cooked new beads....Ancient dZi's Islamic types and many others.
Some look very good...
In the future I think these beads will make collecting very difficult.
The worst are those who advertise as original venetian and then somewhere in their add they will mention that their beads are replicas.
There are some gr8 bead sites and I think most of them are members of the BCN. Selling is easy....It's buying them that is risky.

To be honest.....I think BCN is probably the best place to look for beads.

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