Bowled over by Secret Santa
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01/01/2019, 10:26:40

Hello everyone,

Attached are images of my rather astonishing gift from Secret Santa Paige this year.

I'm the sort of "collector" who scours thrifts and bins for the occasional excellent bead. To open a box like this was jaw dropping. Very generous, very kind, totally unexpected and carefully annotated. I hesitated to post images because I was a little afraid of intimidating people (like myself perhaps) who's gifts were somewhat less astonishing.

I'm going to try to put all these little masterpieces in one "treasure" necklace. That should take a while to work out as I'm still stringing and restringing options for the Boshan bead I received last year.

Thank you Paige and Joyce and BCN.

I wish everyone in this forum a year of sweet surprises - the kind that has you exclaiming "holy moly!" as you scatter the cats and break into a happy dance.

Here's to 2019!


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