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12/28/2018, 03:50:33

Looking forward to meeting up with many of you in Tucson in 2019!

I wanted to bring a special event to your attention: The Tucson Bead symposium.
It is the 3rd one in a row, and I hope it will bring an evening filled with bead talk, inspiration of bead friends. There will for sure be some familiar faces presenting and in the audience......

It will be on February 6, starting at 7 pm.
Beforehand, from 6 to 7 pm the Sonoran Glass Art show will offer private shopping with some drinks and snacks for those going to the bead symposium.

Suggested donation is $5, no registration required.

For those who attended last year: we are working to get it a bit warmer in the venue. However, it is still a tent in the desert where it cools down quickly at night. Bring a sweater or a scarf!

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