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12/24/2018, 22:36:22

Hi Stef,

So, in essence you are confirming my exposition. I can recall that the year for me was 1974óbecause I had just bought some of the beads I'm thinking of, and my new neighbor who had just moved in came to meet us, and asked what I was doing. That was Jackie, who was an actress, had made a Canadian movie, and had had a TV show in Japan. Later in 1974 she and her husband opened a small gallery, where I worked (volunteer), and showed my stuff. Jackie and Peter had a baby, and by 1975 had moved away.

It would be interesting if you could tie down your remembrance to an actual year. Because I don't recall any beads similar to the ones being asked about until around 1980, or '80-something.

Sample cards would be, or might be, very helpful. J.

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