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12/01/2018, 10:53:48

the spacer bar with many parallel holes looks to me like a strip of plastic or rubber such as often seen on the Maasai collars from Kenya, (east african neighbour of Ethiopia) the collars were made with almost rigid wire in a concentric layout with wonderful coloured small beads.
the green moulded beads must be Czech, surely?
the white based red drawn beads appear in your photo not to have the vintage rose-red colour glass made with a gold ingredient, but are rather more orange-red, so surely mid-20th c. as you say. i still have more than a kilo of them that i bought in Venice quite a few years ago.
The tough grass or plant stalk stringing material visible at the knots looks very much like the twisted cords on which beadwork strips also were strung in Kenya for the waist.

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