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11/24/2018, 05:17:12

Re-reading your initial post today, I recall the following.

In 2010 I met Walt Seifried at the Bead Conference in Borneo. The first evening, he showed me the beads he had brought with him from Thailand/SE Asia—and these included some amazing and small sculptural beads. They were the same colors as Indo-Pacific beads, and Walt's source was adamant that they were "ancient." I was not so sure. Whenever something entirely different suddenly appears for the first time, it is important to be skeptical (as I have remarked many times)—even when the artifacts are impressive.

Sometime later, Walt told me he came to know that these delicate and well-rendered beads were recent fakes. Disappointing, but not uncommon.

I will try to locate my photos, though I suspect they are on a back-up drive by now.


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