Whte agates - and wound glass imitation
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11/16/2018, 08:44:43


I have two images here.

One of them is of a strand of white agate beads that I've understood to be heirloom beads among the Fulani people in Nigeria. They seem quite special to me - particularly the large central bead which is 6.5cm long X 3cm wide.
I know I've seen information about them in this forum, but I've been unable to find any reference. Is it known how old they are? Where they were made?

The other image is of a strand of wound glass beads which seem to be imitating white agate. I found them in two separate baggies at a flea market. Nice that they came together to form an even graduated strand. Any thoughts as to origin?

Thank you for having a look.

IMG_3989_copy.JPG (116.1 KB)  IMG_3635_copy.JPG (121.3 KB)  

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