2018 BCN Holiday Swap Time!
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Posted by: Joyce Post Reply
11/11/2018, 10:02:09

Itís time, everybody! This is a fun event for BCN members - there is an 11 day window in which to join up. Less time in which to respond, but if you know you want to do it, why delay! If this interests you, please read this entire post. Sorry, I can't explain it all in one sentence so you need to have about a 5 minute attention span here...

For new members, the drawing works like gift drawings that big families used to do... I keep everyone's name/email address in a file. When we do the drawing, I print out this list and cut everyone's name into it's own little piece of paper. We then literally toss these all into a hat, the old fashioned way. I sit with the list of everyone's name, and for each person, Colin draws a name from the hat. Then I notify everyone with the contact info for their swap recipient. So, every person mails one gift. And every person receives one gift from someone else.

The bead gift should have a retail value of 25.00 or thereabouts. Value is so subjective and variable anyway, depending upon the circumstances of acquisition. Bead Santas are welcome to contact their recipient if you'd like to find out more about their tastesÖ.or, you may wish to remain a totally anonymous Secret Santa, the choice is yours!

What to give? Anything bead related..Öa bead or multiples, bead books or calendars, finished jewelry using beads, or art using beads.

Please feel free to post here, but also PLEASE email me with your full name and mailing address in order to join the swap. This makes it easy for me to promptly add you to the list. Especially new people! There is no way for me to include you without your mailing address!

The deadline to enter will be Midnight Pacific time Tuesday night, November 20, then we'll do the drawing and get the emails out Wed. evening the 21st. This gives everyone about 10 days to "get on board".

For international shipment, I strongly suggest getting your package in the mail by December 8 at the latest.

For domestic U.S. shipment, I'll suggest a shipping deadline of December 15. Priority is generally 3 days, but with the holiday season delays can happen. First Class mail is a good deal cheaper for packages under 13 ounces, but slower, too.

This is a wonderful holiday ritual about community and sharing in the fun of our common passion. The internet has enabled us to evolve as a global collector community; many international bead friendships have started here on BCN.

Our record in 2012 was 47 participants from approximately 11 countries and multiple U.S. states. Generally, we are about 40. The more the merrier!

Please remember: what unifies the whole "event" is your follow-through with getting your gift in the mail in a timely manner. Please do not participate if you are so busy this time of year that the commitment you make when you enter could be forgotten. I canít emphasize this enough. You are making ME worry when you donít follow through with your commitment in a timely manner. And that takes away from MY fun (not to mention the fun of your recipient, who probably shipped in time), and I admit a part of my reason for doing this is that itís FUN. Okay?

Thanks to everyone for being part of BCN! We are celebrating 16 1/2 years of bead talk on the net. That's much longer than most websites have been around. Thank you all for your participation!

Here is a lovely Christmas box by Tasart from a Christmas past...

Happy Beady Holidays to you and yours!

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