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11/10/2018, 07:49:08

I have occasional conversations with folks that read BCN faithfully, and wonder about the sporadic dips in activity. However they rarely contribute anything themselves...

So please consider learning how to take decent photos and share something from your collection, or just contribute comments, questions. Yes, you will have to learn how to take the photos, upload them, and reduce them. It's a good skill to master. I have found that learning how to do good bead photography has enhanced my understanding of beads - especially since good close-ups can reveal details that may be missed even when examining with magnification. This is because you can look at the closeup again and again if needed, and allows others to comment on the bead(s). That's when you learn a lot - since some features can be hiding in plain sight to the uneducated. And you can create an archive of photographic information about your collection.

As many YouTubers say at the end of their clips - "Keep the conversation going in the comments below".

BCN is only as good as the participants want it to be!

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