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10/15/2018, 11:03:00

when the second time I travled to the northwest part of China where local people used to
going into Gobi looking for natural stones of particular shape I found strings of unpolished carnelian beads. At the very beginning I thought they were bought from outside of China maybe like Africa and prepared as souvenirs for the tourists soon I found that I was wrong they are really local acquisitions. They could be found in almost all the shops of the people who hunt into the Gobi for all kinds attractive things.
I was quite interested in the unfinished beads.some of those are drilled while some not, some were polished while some got chipped surface. The archeological evidence shows at least in the Shang dynasty there were carnelian beads used as necklace and during the Zhou dynasty the carnelian beads were quite popular and greatly demanded as aristocratic ornaments So it really seems that it is the beads factories in the now remote desert that manufactured at least part of the ancient carnelian beads.
The region itself is quite interesting also. During the Han dynasty its the west border of the empire .but the history could be traced pretty earlier than that. terra cotta netsinker of fist size and broken colored pottery in big field could be found in the desert..So It must be a beautiful and wealthy home for human beings in the ancient times.


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