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10/08/2018, 23:08:11

These are Central European molded glass beads, probably from Czechoslovakia (but not excluding Germany or Austria).

Molded glass beads are made by using a two-part mold, formerly typically on a pincer tong, that bites-off a portion of softened glass from a prepared heated cane. Depending on the specs of the cane, beads can be quite variable in appearance. But they typically have an equatorial or longitudinal molding seam, that is usually removed, but is still perceivable. Your beads have equatorial seams. The cane was colorless crystal glass with an internal dark-red inclusion that was apparently off-center. In the process of bead-molding, a perforator is pushed through the glass. This can be a fixed perforator (that is conical, as seen in so-called "Vaseline" beads); or it can be trigger-released (and usually straight-sided). The pushing of the perforator disrupts the fabric of the glass, moving it in the direction of the push. Your beads demonstrate this very clearly (pun intended).

Also, the base metal filigree elements are very typical of Czech (Central European) costume jewelry.


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