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09/24/2018, 10:43:13

Hi Rosanna,

You are fortunate to have acquired Hawaiian pink coral at such a low price. In recent years it has become very pricy. Because the Pacific coral that is pink is a different animal than the Mediterranean coral that provides angelskin, it is difficult to compare one to the other—except to say both are pink. I will show my angelskin coral, that I bought in the 1970s when I can either find an image or shoot my necklace. (I'm reasonably sure I showed this in the Coral Lecture I presented some two years ago for YoneSF.)

Your central coral group appears to be the white-coral-with-pink-spots that is routinely passed-off as "angelskin" coral in recent years.

The cross (a very nice piece by the way), seems to have what I would call "salmon" coral. This has a flushed pink color, that is somewhat saturated, but not bright. You say it's peachy. OK, I know that color in corals too. But if the photo is not accurate for color, it's hard to identify specifically.


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