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09/09/2018, 19:44:55

Different area of course but there may be commonalities to the Canadian policy of providing rough from other areas for carvers. A friend was involved in taking rough from many places to the arctic as local supplies can be difficult and dangerous to acquire in the north. At one point they had me cut a big alder on my place and wrap the rounds in plastic and they shipped them to the arctic for carvers to try. In the last few years tourism , especially rock climber tourism , has flourished in Greenland and it has a more robust economy and obviously more choices for the acquisition of carving rough and supplies. Indigenous gemstones are now being cut into cabs in Greenland but the rarity and price of the rough has precluded beads as far as I know. As an aside , is the piece legal? Seal teeth and narwhal tusks are in great demand but are not legally possessed without a permit in the US.I have seen seal teeth that were more than big enough to produce that piece.

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