made by the 'Oulad Jallal'
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09/03/2018, 05:14:35

After Floor identified the beads I asked my friend in Morocco if he could tell us more about the origin and this is the answer:

"These are made by the Arab tribe 'Oulad Jallal' from the ‘Spanish Sahara ‘ who often settled in the Berber region, between Taroudant and Assa. The small hamlet Oulad Terma, where almost all the artisans live, is near Taroudant. They are counterfeit masters, especially amber but also old daggers, spectacular fibulae or headdresses. Also more and more old simple doors. They also decorate new suitcases adding patina in a traditional way which they sell then as antiques. They also make all kinds of beads: they copy the old ones but also constantly invent new kinds"


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