Khmer gold (and silver)
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I don't know the booklet, I'm afraid, but I'm sure that the authors know much more about these beads than I do.

However, I'm not aware of archaeological evidence from Surin Province of beads like these being found in sites that date from "the first centuries AD." I'd be happy to find out more. But the beads you've shown don't resemble in style or technique any of the gold and silver artefacts that I'm familiar with either from the Dvaravati cultures that flourished there during the second half of the first millennium or from the long period up to the late13th century when the northeast of Thailand was part of the Khmer Empire. All the silver I've seen from those times in the Thai National Museum or the Cambodian National Museum is very intricately made in the manner of the gold jewellery that was used to decorate royal personages and sacred sculpture.

Here are a couple of photos I from an exhibit of Khmer gold that I saw earlier this year in Phnom Penh.



khmer_gold_15.jpg (54.5 KB)  khmer_gold_31.jpg (59.5 KB)  

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