Both autism and Asperger Syndrome manifest in childhood
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08/23/2018, 18:33:21

After some limited reading on the topic, it seems that the autism spectrum disorders are not the same as OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, which I think is related to bead collecting. Autism and Aspergerís appear in early childhood, and are associated with a range of issues like communication and social problems, etc.

Having an otherwise normal life that also includes a passion for beads does not seem to fit the profile of any of the autism spectrum disorders. Of course any passionate hobby can turn into a destructive obsession if it negatively affects oneís job, relationships, finances, etc. In that case the person needs to join Bead Collectors Anonymous and follow a twelve step program to recovery. Hopefully there is a chapter in your area if you need treatment.

Additionally, I would be happy to take all your beads off your hands so you can concentrate on getting well.

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