Link: A Bead Timeline at Peabody Museum
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08/19/2018, 11:43:47

At the Peabody Museum at Yale, originally done for the Bead Museum of Greater Washington by James Lankton with the help of others and included in the book "A Bead Timeline" by James Lankton.

So glad this is available! I refer to the book frequently. It should be remembered that Lankton did not accomplish the Timeline alone. Quoting from the acknowledgements by coordinator Hilary Whittaker, regarding Jamey Allen: " he did a masterful job of laying out the beads and consulting with James W. Lankton on their identification, dating and classification. Allen's eye for spacing and layout is both meticulous and unerring, making the display an arrangement of great beauty. He and Lankton cataloged every Timeline bead or bead group, co-wrote a lectern catalog for visitor's use and co-curated the exhibition." So, in hindsight, it really should have been known as the Allen-Lankton Timeline, as it was Jamey who brought Lankton into the project.

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