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08/01/2018, 04:35:14

I have generally made a vacation out of it, and spent two weeks in Tucson.
There are some events specifically in the first week of February. Most of the shows you will be interested in, do run longer, such as the Grant, African Village, Pueblo Gem Show and Gem Mall.

For me, I like the more laid back atmosphere towards the end of the shows. It seems like some of the stress is gone. However, if you have your eye on specific rare goods, going early might still be best. For everything else, there is plenty still around later.

More info will be announced soon, but I can say that there will be a small evening Bead Symposium again at the Sonoran Glass show. It will be on Feb 6.

If you click on the link, you can get an idea of the dates of the different shows.

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