"Do we really study diversity in dress?" -a topic for the 2019 CSA conference.
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"Gender, age, sexuality, race, ability, religion, class, national origin and other intersectional aspects of identity are constructed, negotiated, and performed via sartorial choices. The fashion industry has particularly benefitted from colonialism and imperialism, the labor of immigrants, women, African Americans, Latinx, and appropriation from indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups. This roundtable seeks to shed light on the ways in which we are and are not fully exploring and addressing diversity and inclusion in our field. Our aim is to prompt rich and open dialogue about how our organization can become more diverse and inclusive in practice, membership, scholarship, and conference attendance. We seek nominations of individuals from across all aspects of our discipline: researchers, designers, curators, educators, etc. to discuss ways in which they have incorporated diversity and inclusion into their dress studies practice and to perhaps challenge or provide insight into how all of us can more often do so.
Nominations for the 2019 Scholars’ Roundtable are due by October 15, 2018. More information can be found here or by contacting Dr. Michael Mamp at Michael.Mamp@cmich.edu."

see: http://costumesocietyamerica.com/resources/grants-awards-and-honors/csa-scholars-roundtable-honor/

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