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07/09/2018, 09:50:54

A bit of background on this wonderful piece of art.

We found this piece in the tent that used to be at the Rodeway show, there was a dealer at the back that had nothing but Huichol Indian work most of it was the typical tourist items and this was the center piece, I asked the vendor how much he told me and I said ďIíll take itĒ, thatís when his jaw dropped ........ The people from the Smithsonian are coming to see this. They never got to see it.

The inset items those with the deer hair have a seed attached corn and pumpkin(squash). The agate pieces look like chalcedony in rough form.

I have a large print out that came with the piece and will do my best to do close up images of it later today so you can read it.

All my best ... Danny

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