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06/28/2018, 07:01:26

Hi There

As an iranian i have to say all this kind og beads comes from Pakistan. I don't know about 70
But all iranian etched carnelian that i seen were pendants and ring stones from 18 and 19 century. I have an Iranian book which point to the art last masters during 1950. But just for pendants with religious names and rings.never a bead.when i put those carnelians and etched agates close together it's very clear even the kind of stone seems different. I am not surprised if Pakistan and Afghanistan make any declare about persian glass and ceramic beads as Pyshavar bazar in Pakistan and kabul bazar are full by ancient persian beads.even kind of ceramic or glass beads which you can see just in a certain part of the country not in the rest parts.last week we met some guys with
Suspect glass and ceramic and etched carnelians. I asked him where these come from. He replied Jeroft in south east iran.i said i think these are from Nymruz a rich province in ancient beads in Afghanistan. The guy was shocked and asked if I have been there.i said no but i can smell i think very soon we need carbon test for dating all beads which looks ancient.
Sorry discusión became long.
I am agree with Will about age of these beads but 90 percent sure they are not made in iran.
Best wishes

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