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06/27/2018, 09:40:54

Hi Stefany,
I bought two necklaces from the same vendor in Camden Passage, one in 2016 and one this year. They both contained several of these lamp work beads, along with other graduated green beads with aventurine flecks, and some lovely aventurine ovals with green cores. The latter two types of beads had very small holes and white mandrel release, leading me to believe they were Indian in origin. And the construction of the necklaces, which were strung on new gold -colored, nylon-coated wire with fairly recent crimps, make me suspect they are fairly recent compositions.

The small seed bead spacers also seemed to be new, as did the filigree bead caps. Interestingly, the clasps appear to be vintage as they are brass with a dull patina.
In fact the owner of the shop revealed in passing that the Bakelite -component necklace I purchased from her last month, was her own (or maybe someone else's) composition from vintage components. So I think she made the two green floral bead necklaces herself from fairly inexpensive beads and components.

Any possibility that the green florals are also Indian?

Note: I am not implying that the seller was deceptive in any way - she did not represent either green necklace as antique or even vintage. On my side of things, I should have questioned her more closely about the green floral necklaces.

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