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06/22/2018, 12:12:57

From Leipzig I traveled by train to Brussels, where I caught the Eurostar train to London, then onwards to Cambridge by local train. I had an appointment at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to look through beads in the Beck Collection. I concentrated on beads collected in Africa, looking once again for phenolic resin beads. The only items of interest were two mock coral beads that were either Celluloid or Galalith. I cannot post any pictures I took of the Beck beads due to the (highly unfortunate) restrictions mandated by the Museum. I'll be talking to them about their policy, which really prevents any dissemination of the information about their holdings.

I also spent a day in Grantham, at the archive of the Plastics Historical Society. I have a pile of information to digest from that visit as well, but nothing specific to my search for the origin of the imitation amber beads for the African trade, unfortunately.

Finally I landed at Stefany Tomalin's flat, and she organized several days of bead-saturated fun. First I visited her new studio, where she has organized quite a nice pile of items for sale. I bought two Czech Egyptian revival pieces - one is shown here. She also has an amazing stash of all kinds of beads to look through.

We also roamed the Camden Passage antique stores and outdoor tables. I found this Czech lamp work necklace at one jewelry shop.

RFEgyptianJun2018.jpg (71.9 KB)  RFCzechLampJun2018.jpg (32.1 KB)  

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