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06/22/2018, 12:00:10

I found these phenolic resin souvenirs bracelets (needing restringing) that were decorated with small emblems of German towns. Also a vintage (?) Japanese glass bead necklace. Both of these items were inexpensive, but most other purchases I made at this antique market were expensive. A few vendors with old Islamic prayer strands made of phenolic resin wanted what I thought were sky-high prices.

If you have the opportunity, I'd recommend spending a weekend at this market. Although fair warning, a lot of the jewelry is amber, coral and Bohemian garnet-based. But there is plenty to look at, including relics of the Soviet era. I had a very entertaining weekend there!

RFPFSouvenirsJun2018.jpg (41.5 KB)  RFJapaneseGlassJun2018.jpg (49.2 KB)  

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