Paris and "The Fleas"
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06/21/2018, 21:43:19

Next stop was Paris, where I met a researcher who specializes in West African artifacts, especially those from Senegal. She had published a paper about imitation amber beads found in West Africa, but unfortunately does not have any more info about when & where phenolic beads were made and introduced there.

I spent significant time at the original, grand daddy of all flea markets, Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen (literally The Market of Fleas of Saint-Ouen). There I purchased some more of the unusual zen beads I had first purchased in 2016, from the shop of Lili et Daniel. Lili and Daniel actually have two beautiful bead and jewelry stores - one devoted entirely to beads and the other, to beads plus a huge assortment of vintage and antique jewelry.

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