Boshan—yes..., Mandarin—no.
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The technical separation between antique and modern Chinese glass beads was a change in manufacture. Late Ming through Ching (or Xing) Dynasty beads were furnace-wound. The more modern beads have included lampworked beads—which was a specialty at Boshan. But the Boshan industry developed too late to have much or any effect upon the Manchu costume. So it is very unlikely that any lampworked Boshan beads would be found in Mandarin necklaces. I have seen them in FAKE Mandarin necklaces, however.

In terms of appearance, it is the lampworked Boshan glass beads that often feature flattened ends, forming a slightly squat oblate. Furnace wound beads can be oblate too, but they lack the tool-marks seen on lampwork beads. Furnace beads, as often as not, can be somewhat pear-shaped, having a rounded lower end and a pointy upper end.


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