Kingman Green Mohave question. Help please
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Posted by: karavanserai Post Reply
06/19/2018, 04:54:29

I am confused. Beads are being offered as 'natural Kingman Green Mohave'on ebay and on the other hand I read from a Kingman mining/producers' website that Mohave green is a DYED and stabilized originally 'blue' Kingman turquoise, or does it just happen that HIS Mohave green is a dyed one.

So my question is: does a natural green turquoise exist from the Kingman mine. Is its name then Mohave green?
Or does 'Mohave green' automatically mean dyed turquoise.

I wish I could spend some years along a turquoise expert. The more I read the less I know.
Thanks for helping me out here!! Have a great bead day.


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