"raffia is no longer a guideline for identification."...Judy is right...
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06/12/2018, 18:10:06

And for some time. More then 10 years ago I saw Indonesian copies mixed with Venetian trade beads on the same strand. Dealers are more international than ever now...so we now have Gambians rooming with Afghanis in hotels when shopping in Thailand, for example. Just another way for beads to travel. They trade stock all the time. So we'll see more mixtures as more years pass.

Here is a full strand of Chinese millefiori copying Venetian trade beads, right down to the raffia they are strung on, from Tucson 2009 compliments of Tasart. Africans have been going to China for years. The first one to commission the creation of the Venetian trade bead style chevrons was first importing furniture. So the Chinese got raffia from the Africans. No problem.

The little bracelet of millefiori ovals is from China also, 2009.

I can't say I've seen examples exactly like this since, however, but am just saying don't let anything surprise you! :)

chmil2009.jpg (133.1 KB)  

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