Wobbly Old Beads
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Posted by: beadiste Mail author
04/16/2008, 14:21:44

Found these in a drawer... the "a speo" and old "Dutch" trailed beads I recognize, but there are some mysteries here:

1) The "bird" bead - if it weren't for what looks like a deliberately added head and feathered tail, I'd think it was just another trailed bead.

2) The roundish beads with the white meander and yellow dots in a flower arrangement. They're distinctly off round, as if they were rolled ceramic or something instead of glass. Some interesting variety of fake? But fake what?

3) The "drippy" trailed meander beads - are these some version of "a speo" bead?


OldBeads_003.jpg (46.5 KB)  OldBeads_001.jpg (41.9 KB)  

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