detective work needed
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Posted by: sammitenn Post Reply
06/03/2018, 23:56:19

Hi all, me again,

I have need of some detective work on this beautiful necklace, somethings just seem a little odd.

I was sold it as art deco, to me the beads look right but the stringing and clasp have me a little foxed. I think perhaps it has been re threaded, the clasp has the same glass stones but is a bright silver metal while the chain the beads are on looks to be brass and quite crudely attached to the clasp. There are three threads which then split into 5.

I would really love to know a bit more about this, I can take more photos later if required. Czech? Venetian? Age?

As always any info is very warmly received. Would this be one for Piccard?

bluefloil1.jpg (93.9 KB)  bluefoil2.jpg (81.8 KB)  

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