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06/02/2018, 13:24:01

Dear Floor,
You might be right . Amethyst have variations of colors that are overlapping with Rose quarts(from almost completely white to deep purple) although Rose quarts usually are more transparent. The beads in questions are lacking this transparency. Guess I'll never know till I hold them in my hands.
All the best, Yankee

1_5_Middle_Bronze_Age_canaante_Amethyst_scarab_with_gold_.18th-16th_BC._left_17.20mm-12.65mm-9.80mm._Right_14.75mm-10.35mm-7.60mm.jpg (97.7 KB)  1_5_Middle_Bronze_Age_canaante_Amethyst_scarab_with_gold_._18th-16th_BC._left_17.20mm-12.65mm-9.80mm._Right_14.75mm-10.35mm-7.60mm._A.jpg (108.3 KB)  

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