glass bead game on vid
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Posted by: Odan Post Reply
11/12/2015, 09:28:33

.I finally got around to watch this video. Who's Idea was it to post this video?
It consists of maybe 5 minutes of some really good info and then it turns into soft porn.
90% of this video is nothing but nude teens.
I saw nothing useful for bead collectors.
I'm very big on anthropology, My Ebay store reflects my love of anthropology (Anthropoasis) and this isn't anthropology.
There is no info about the bead game.
No European bead production info. No info on any other types of bead production around the world.....just what young African girls have to go through to ware the mantle of womanhood.
This is a very disappointing video and I don't think we should promote this video at BCN.
Has anyone else watched this farce? What did you take away from it?
Has this video actually help anyone with bead research?
Or am I just a prude?
See ya at the FORUM

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