First brush with backfill
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05/11/2018, 17:03:29

Yes, pun intended!

So I used Colgate toothpaste to backfill some of the carved channels missing their white glass, as Jamey suggested. (See the first pic below.)

I wasn't sure whether to let it dry, THEN try to wipe off the excess, wipe it off immediately, or what. When I wiped it off immediately, it took some of the paste out of the channel. (See the second pic below.)

But when I let it dry a few minutes (a long time in this dry California climate!), it was easier to wipe off smaller amounts, and leave more in the channels. (See pic in next post.)

They already look better. I may do a second round, once these are completely dried. (In a week, as Jamey suggested.)

When I do it again, I may add a tiny wee bit of alcohol ink to "yellow" the toothpaste a little. Just so the stark white isn't as much of a contrast.

OTOH, these are already looking a heckuva lot better than they did!

And best of all, my hands have a minty fresh smell!

Thanks, Jamey!!!!!

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