Aids for those studying beads
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Posted by: Karlis Post Reply
05/08/2018, 11:10:39

As an aid for those studying beads, the Society of Bead Researchers has prepared an Author Index and a Subject Index for all 29 issues of its journal, BEADS. While the Subject Index is not all-inclusive, listing only topics that are dealt with in some detail, it will still allow the user to locate a wide range of information.

As a further aid to researchers, the Researching the World’s Beads Annotated Bibliography has just been revised and updated. Due to its size, the bibliography is divided into nine major political-geographical groups, two specialized theme groups, and a general/miscellaneous group.

Since a bibliography such as this can never be complete, the compiler <> would appreciate receiving references to publications that do not appear therein.

Suggestions regarding how the above two research aids might be improved would also be appreciated.

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