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Posted by: Beadman Post Reply
04/30/2018, 01:32:01

I think the answers to this question are fairly self-evident. The Pros are that you get to have and enjoy some of the most-beautiful and well-made beads circulating in recent times. They are impressive products, in their own right(s).

The Cons are that MANY people are delightfully uninformed about reproductions—and have been conned into thinking the beads they have bought are much older, more valuable, and rarer than is the truth (as I have remarked numerous times).

So, the pros are based on impressive esthetics; while the cons are based on misrepresentation and rip-off mentality.

Thankfully, BCN Forum exists to counter misinformation and deception, by informing the reading public that these scams are being perpetrated. And all the while we get to view photographs of great stuff along the way. JDA.

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