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04/28/2018, 10:03:42

Bead has been relisted:

Seller is still leaning toward the Edo period, but added to the description that the bead could be Chinese, AND lowered the price to $299.83 from $489.99 - so an improvement thanks to Fred.

Beadiste, in her comprehensive blog series on cloisonné in general and beads in particular, on the October 2014 webpage linked below, discusses Chinese cloisonné dragon beads, including their approximate dates of manufacture, and shows a similar c. 1930s lamp finial - see top three photo set below. The referenced ebay bead is also shown below. Though the finial example is not openworked or champleve, the overall design motif and certain dragon details appear similar, BWDIK. Beadiste may want to confirm that (?)

Beadiste blog page:

Finials.jpg (183.9 KB)  11_s-l1600.jpg (90.9 KB)  

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