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04/26/2018, 15:15:48

Not only are the pink beads made from glass; but the median equatorial lines indicate these are molded glass beads, composed from "satin glass." (The name "satin glass" can have any of three entirely different meanings, depending upon the glass and the context. If I don't say this I'll probably hear about it!) Molded glass beads are from Central European industries. Primarily the Czech Republic (formerly Bohemia and Czechoslovakia), but also including Germany and Austria.

Usually when a glass bead is heavier than expected, it is because the glass composition includes leadówhich can be used to make the material more substantial, reflective, or to alter color(s).

(In antiquity, in China, barium was added to glass compositions of the Warring States Periodóresulting in glasses that were heavier than others. Again, if I don't say this, I will probably hear about it.)

Your yellow beads are very curious. But I cannot say I recognize them.


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