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10/23/2015, 05:07:42

Obviously, I am not knowledgable enough about Warring State Beads to give any opinion on this bead's authenticity. The only Warring States bead I have is probably genuine, but with the eyes filled in with polymer clay. Clearly, I am easily fooled. ;-)

I am surprised however at one of your observations. You state that the small dots should be more even and filling drilled holes. I was under the impression that these beads were lampworked, and that the small dots were simply small dots of glass molten in. Due to imcompatibility or different erosion on different glass colors, they sometimes fall out. But I would not think they are made by filling in drilled holes. All the other decorations look like they are done at the torch to me.

This bead, from the Shanghai museum, also has the small dots not being equal in size. Does that make it suspicious to you?

Would love to know more about how you think they were produced.

FKwarring2015212.jpg (53.1 KB)  

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