Sample cards of manufactured / imitation / simulated / amber beads
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Posted by: Joy B. Mail author
08/24/2007, 17:11:53

Joyce, here are the two sample card photos that I archived for my own use, posted originally on this site or NBS, I am not sure which. Both of these are Czech, I believe. One may have come from Jamey, I am sorry I don't remember...

When I refer to these I call them imitation amber or simulated amber, sometimes "manufactured amber-replica beads made of phenolic plastic." Jamey can give a much more accurate description.

The whole "copal" thing is confusing and often misleading, you're right, but it does seem to be a common term in some circles and as Jan says, there are those who swear the beads contain actual amber material somehow mixed or bound with a resin (not acknowledging that plastic is a resin too).


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