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10/08/2015, 21:58:00

As a person new to the forum I have no clue why you are evidently upset, or why you feel the necessity to cut ties. As a Bead Community we are apt to step on toes, disagree, and have conflicts, as well as hurt feelings. Plus the typed word can be misconstrued as far as inflection and intent. This forum is a microcosm of Life in general, and poses the same challenges when conflicts/ hurt feelings arise. Hopefully the goal of ultimately working towards reconciliation, positive problem solving and supporting each other can be utilized in this forum as it is in life.

I think we all bring a unique set of strengths, knowledge, talent, and a special perspective and enthusiasm/love for Beads and what they represent to us personally and in the broader context. I'm sure you do as well, so it would be a loss for everyone- new people like me included. We're all here to share, learn, and support each other in this common endeavor.

I don't know you but it sounds like there are many here that value and respect your contribution and would hate to see you go. Therefore I hope you reconsider, and that whatever prompted you to feel this way can be expressed and resolved. I suggest get it off your chest in the forum or by private message.

Best wishes, Anne

Bead lover, collector since Age 15, semi-retired had bead store Lost and Found Gallery for 25 yrs. in DT Greensboro, NC

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