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04/12/2018, 07:37:37

I have a friend who is a jeweler. I asked her how hard it would be to make new glass beads look old.
She looked at some of my beads from India and I gave her some to play with.
I showed her these photos of your beads too.
Basically...she said the amount of work needed to age these beads would require a lot of hand work.
She can't figure out why someone would take such cheep beads and spend
a large amount of time working them for so little profit.
You see people faking ageing with something like dZi's or expensive beads
like that but not Indian made Chevrons etc.

This would be like buying new pony beads and spending many hours polishing, grinding and sanding or whatever they do to fake age.
There's not much you can do to a cheep bead to make it look old and valuable.
I think the beads you show might just have been used hard and put away wet..( old cowboy term)
A silk purse is made from silk. a sow's ear, no matter how much you decorate it is still....a pig's ear.
The more you learn about beads the better you can buy or sell.
I don't thing=k that anyone would spend any time re-working such cheep beads..
But I can see someone thinking that the ware on these beads might be a sign of old age.
Just my thoughts on these beads

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