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04/11/2018, 11:26:17

The Edo beads were made by the insertion of a tool that was then twisted or rotated to cause the glass around it to spiral—whereupon the tool was removed (leaving an indentation).

Sometimes a similar effect was created using a pincer, so that two parallel indentations were made—and the desired effect of either undulating lines or swirls depended upon how much rotation was applied to the pincers.

The more-recent beads were made similarly. However, the glasswoker has cleverly inserted a pictorial mosaic-glass cane (as for millefiori work). In this instance, the process is pursued quickly (before this cane becomes too hot to be functional). The cane is inserted, twisted, and broken-off. Since the cane is broken, we can see it's cross-section—providing a small decorative unit. So the effect is similar, with the added bonus of providing a central decoration where the previous method left a depression.


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